Established in 1969, Dunbier Marine Products has been manufacturing boat trailers for all types of Australian Boaties for over 50 years, building its reputation on quality, strengh and reliability.

Dunbier are proudly Australia family owned, operated and our trailers still made in Australia. with our support network across the country, you can feel safde knowning that we are there with you, whenever you go.

Loader Pro X Series

The Loader Pro X Series is built like no other trailer in our range. Heavy duty, tough and with the extra attention to detail our customers demand the Loader Pro X series is built for Australian Fisho’s that go where the fish are.

Loader Pro X is constructed from a virtually corrosion free full C Channel frame that has been engineered specifically to outperform standard trailers when the going gets tough. Loader Pro X series is available in 5.0, 5.3 and 5.7m sizes to suit the “Aussie Fisho” market and is perfect for either pressed or plate alloy hulls as well as all fibreglass hulls.

The Loader pro X series has all the standard features of the Loader Pro series and performs faultlessly at the ramp and on the highway, but the new X Series takes things to a new level for those that push beyond the everyday.

Loader Pro Series

Tough, uncomplicated and reliable… the Loader Pro Series is the new workhorse of the industry. Unprecedented approach angles, ultra-glide roller rack and our all new “Backbone” alignment system make it the ultimate drive on trailer.

The heavy-duty Loader Pro range was born from the needs of hard working fisho’s that were looking for a strong, reliable trailer that could be used in all ramp/beach conditions and could take the hard knocks associated with this type of boating.

The Alloy version delivers not only a virtually corrosion free frame but reduces the tow weight considerably so you can carry more gear on your next adventure. The low cradle and unique styling of our fully welded frame provides a visual appeal like no other product available for your pride and joy.

Supa Rolla Series

Drive on, roll off, self-centering design, arguably one of the most successful and reliable trailers on the market.

The Super roller series is without doubt an icon of the Australian boating industry. Since its inception over 40 years ago the Supa roller a remains at the peak of performance when launching and retrieving.

The secret of the Supa Roller lies in 3 key Performance features:

Quality and Quantity: At its heart the super roller is made up of a large number of high-grade rollers that work completely independently of each other to follow the complex curves of your hull. Each High-grade roller is a combination of both hard-wearing Nylons that provide stiffness and support and softer compounds that grip and protect your hull.

Rollamatic Series

The Rollamatic is the perfect allrounder for everyday boating and combines the premium features of the Supa Roller range with the economy of a keel bunk system. Equally at home with all hull types it offers genuine drive on capability when at the ramp.

The secret to the Rollamatic’s fantastic performance lies in the rear roller cradle. Taken directly from our premium Supa Roller series it has a unique entry cradle that rotates independently of the main frame. By changing the angle of the rear roller arms as the boat contacts and then continues up into the trailer we reduce the effort required by almost 50%. It means that shallow ramps, beach launches etc are not a concern as the trailer “adjusts” to the conditions on the day, and for the boat skipper driving the trailer back on is a breeze.

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